LIIBA life Episode 8 – everyone’s gone to the golf

Or at least I am going tomorrow.  It will be good to put other major international sporting events hosted on these shores behind us.

In the moo-d

And so the Prince of Wales came to be part of a signature event in the industry.  One that could shape society for time to come.  And he was met by the big beasts of the  industry who certainly left their mark in a way he will not forget.

Yes, this is Prince Charles’s trip to the Great Yorkshire Show where he came face to face with champion 1,550kg Hereford bull Moralee One Rebel Kicks and then stood in a cow pat.

Moralee (if that is the correct manner to address him) is a magnificent animal which it is claimed here weighs 1,550kg – which I reckon is just north of 243 stone.  Makes you feel a bit better about any lockdown spread.

Regulation Corner

It has been a busy couple of weeks down Stratford way.  Yesterday FCA launched its 2021-22 business plan.  Nothing specifically targeting insurance but two things to note.

  • The language around the launch is quite punchy. FCA wants to be “more proactive”; to “act swiftly and decisively”; and to “push the boundaries of our perimeter”.  Early days, but this sounds like the talk of a regulator preparing to be potentially quite intrusive.  Although some of this may be balanced for our sector by the fact there was a strong focus on “consumers”.  We will monitor developments.
  • The two areas that will become increasingly front and centre for FCA’s focus this year will be climate change (so see below on our Webinar programme); and culture – more follows.

Also worth watching the recording of Nikhil Rathi presenting the plan.  If only for the revelation that FCA seems to have recruited the set designer from CBeebies.

You may well have been the recipient of a “Dear CEO” letter around compliance with the client money rules.  As if by magic (as they say on Mr Benn) we ran a webinar early in the year to give you a refresher on these rules.  You can access the recording here.

The third development out east is FCA publishing a discussion paper on increasing the diversity and inclusion of financial services.  We are preparing a LIIBA response to this important topic.  If you have views you would like to see included in that, please get in touch.

Snakes on the brain

What is the worst thing you have ever come across under your bed? The odd sock left by a very naughty dog (I am looking at you Herbie)? Maybe a forgotten plate?   Then thank the lord you are not Trish Wilcher from Augusta, Georgia who woke up to find a mother and 17 baby snakes had taken up residence in her boudoir.  Just imagine that.  And my work here is done.  It is an image that will take an awful lot of shifting.

Sent a clause

We have been advised by the LMA that the attached general liability pandemic clauses (LMA5551 & LMA5552) have been released this week and are now available on the Lloyd’s wordings repository.

For your viewing pleasure

A reminder that it is a big week for our webinar programme.

On Tuesday at 10am we have a session setting out how Department for International Trade can help you access new markets.  There is a lot of help you can draw on.  I really recommend that you sit in on this one.  Register here.

Then Thursday at 8:30 we have a very distinguished panel of speaker to discuss the broker role in net zero.  As mentioned above, this is going to be a key focus for FCA this year and beyond.  Come and learn from your peers about what they are up to in this space.  Register here.

And then Thursday afternoon at 2:30pm we have a session on the new Delegated Data Manager system – absolutely crucial for all of you with a binder book.  Register here.

That is it.  And next time somebody tries to engage you in a moan about modern life and people who earn too much and have no grip on reality, tell them it is not footballers that are the problem, but people who spend six million quid on a stamp.