LIIBA life episode 5 – it’s coming home

In the week when one man fulfilled so many people’s fantasies by slapping Emmanuel Macron, what other dreams can we make come true?

Must see TV

A couple of really important webinars coming up over the next couple of weeks.  On 22nd June at 9am John Neal will be presenting Lloyd’s interactive guide to getting the most out of Blueprint 2.  This programme has the potential to transform the way we process business in London and thus deliver a step change in the service we deliver to clients.  Please do come and find out how you can make sure your firm benefits fully from this.  Register here for the session.

And also, LIIBA will once again be running a claims forum webinar for brokers on 21st June 2021 from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.  The forum will provide those working in claims areas with an update of the work of LIIBA’s Claims Operations Liaison Group (COLG) and the Delegated Authority Claims Committee (DACC).  There will also be guest speakers, including ones from the Future at Lloyd’s Claims Workstream, where a full update on the work conducted to date, along with plans for the next year will be discussed.

Please register for the event here:

NB: For those registering, the invite with dial in details will be sent out on Friday 18th June

All a bit corn-ey?

It’s the G7 in Cornwall.  One better than the G6 the Prime Minister took to get there.  Now, I know there will no doubt be much highfalutin debate going on about the future of the planet and how to nail Zuckerberg for more tax.  But nuts to all that.  Let us look at the important stuff.

The thing kicks off at 2pm today with CarrieBoz greeting the other participants on the beach at Caribis beach before they pose for a “family photo”.  I’m sorry??  I thought the launch of Love Island wasn’t for a couple of weeks?

Then this evening the Queen is hosting a dinner at the glorified greenhouse that is the Eden Project.  And the menu is, well, let’s go for “interesting”.  A starter of spiced melon, gazpacho, coconut and “high note herbs” (me neither).  This will be followed by “[t]urbot roasted on the bone (caught by a fisherman from Newquay).  That is piling the pressure on a bit isn’t it?  I trust they have some caught by Tescos in the freezer just in case he lets them down?

Slightly disgracefully, they are having cheese next.  I mean, when did we become French?  These are described as “Cornish cheeses – gouda, Cornish yarg and Helford blue”.  So not Cornish cheeses at all then?  Somebody else’s cheeses that you have copied in Cornwall.  Probably washed down with “Somerset calvados”.

Desert is “English strawberry pavlova”.  These must be English strawberries as the pavlova is a Kiwi desert named after a Russian ballerina, obvs, and is thus about as English as half of our rugby team.

No sausages, clearly, so as not to rile the European contingent.

Saturday sounds horrendous.  After the tittle tattle of negotiation is over, the leaders will enjoy a barbecue on the beach.  So, likely, a dousing in a thunderstorm followed by a mild dose of salmonella.  They will be “entertained” by a fly past from the Red Arrows (noisy and smelly) and a performance from local sea shanty group Du Hag Owr (lordy, have these people not suffered enough?)

Sunday they get a video message from David Attenborough – a man who is used to being stuck in the middle of a troop (it’s the right one, I looked it up) of alphas.  And then, showing the intrinsic feel for wider society that makes him so much the man of the common people, the Prime Minister will give a press conference at 2pm – just as the second half of England v Croatia will be kicking off.

G7, G-sus.

Cop that

Hopefully you will have seen we published a paper – Our Role in Net Zero – this week setting out the crucial role LIIBA members will play in helping the world confront the climate emergency.  Copies available here.

Already this has led to productive talks with Mark Carney’s Cop26 team, UN team running the Race to Zero programme of corporate climate commitments and CBI on how we can ensure our community is at the heart of the global response.

We are planning more events around this topic.  Do let me know if you would like to be involved.

Corn on the Hobb

Let’s dampen the mood with some insurance related stuff from Jackie.  This week…


  • DA Claims: Lloyd’s have this week published a new cash call template (who uses cash these days?). The communication is attached to the email you used to get here but more information regarding market use of the template, a copy of the template itself and short videos of the detail can be found on the Lloyd’s website here.


  • To find out more about the deliverables under the Future at Lloyd’s claims workstream, the LIIBA Claims Forum is being held on 21st June. Attendees will hear directly from the programme details of the work conducted to date and the roadmap for deliverables. To book a spot on the webinar, please register here.


Please note invites with the dial in detail will be sent to those registered on Friday 18th June (I’ve said all this…)


  • The joint association young professionals group (jaypeg) have announced a series of free “boot camp” training events with Insurance Law Global, open to new professionals in to the market. Details are attached but should people wish to sign up to the mailing list for similar events and news from the group, this can be done here.


Delegated Authority:


  • Lloyd’s provided a demonstration of the DCM system to brokers this week with good attendance noted. The session has been recorded and once we have received details of where this is stored on the Lloyd’s website (surely they could organise some form of treasure hunt event?), will advise people accordingly.


  • The DA Leadership breakfast (no sausages due to the war) event is taking place next week on Tuesday morning. There is still time to book on to this – details attached.


Bringing it back to me

A few thoughts on the working day of the future in my latest column for Insurance Business Magazine.

LIIBA wall chart

And we couldn’t go this week without a few predictions for the Euros.  Here goes.

  • England won’t win.  Harsh but best you come to terms with it early.
  • If England do look like winning, Ursula von der Leyen will shut the border to prevent their next opponents coming here and thus voiding the tournament.
  • France might win so long as Karim Benzema can resist the urge to frame any of his team mates.  So, unlikely, I would say.
  • The Peter Crouch thing after full time won’t be that funny given how everyone must now (surely) be fed up with the ubiquitous Maya Jama.
  • Scotland will beat England.  I say this mainly in hope rather than conviction – I am in Scotland next week and would prefer them to be cheery and accommodating rather than morose and aggressive.
  • Daniel Levy will have agreed in principle a £150m deal to take Harry Kane to Manchester City with Raheem Sterling moving the other way.  At which point, Kane will break his leg.
  • Real Madrid will announce the formation of a Euros Super League that will guarantee them at least five players in the Spain squad.


You heard it here first.


I’m off to the land of Sturgeon.  I trust she will let me come back.