LIIBA Life Episode 2 – Jersey Royal Navy

So let me get this right.  Because French fisherpeople don’t like filling in forms; or because the Jersey government don’t like reading forms; or because no-one told the French fisherpeople anything about no forms; or because BBC is considering a Bergerac revival; we were taken to the brink of World War III?  Sacre bleu!

I want you to know that, in a patriotic act of reprisal, myself and Jackie Hobbs (see below – sorry) blockaded Isabelle BIPAR’s desk in Casa LIIBA yesterday with the intent of jostling her every time she got up to get more tea (which she does a lot, I can tell you).  The fact that she wasn’t there in no way diminishes the power of this stand.

European Super League – an apology

I may have previously given the impression that I was opposed to the concept of the European Super League.  Indeed you could be forgiven for assuming that I agreed with any number of the following statements: that football without jeopardy is not football; that the game is nothing without fans; that guaranteeing qualification for the top tier of European football just on the basis of the size of a club’s bank balance is immoral; that greed is bad.

I can now report that, during the hours between 8pm and 10pm last night, I had an epiphany.  I now see the true genius of what Messrs Perez and Edwards with those nice people from JP Morgan were seeking to achieve.  Who wants a world where a club can reach a European final only 25 years after playing in the local park (or something they were wittering on about on the commentary)?  Where is the magic in dull upstarts like Leicester City being a bit good?  How guilty would we feel when philanthropic community organisation like Real Madrid and Barcelona go bankrupt?

So let us wait not a moment longer.  #reviveESL.  Guaranteed top level footy for those of us too rubbish to finish higher than 9th and who can’t manage more than two shots on target against a middling Spanish shambles is the stuff of dreams.  After all, how else are we going to pay Aubameyang’s wages?

No Hobbsfucation here

As foretold above, Jack’s back with some actual insurance stuff.  But things are looking up.  She is on holiday next week.

  • LIIBA’s DCM webinar held this week was well attended with good feedback received. The slides from the session are available on our website now and the recording will be uploaded next week. We will be producing a Q&A document from the many broker queries raised that will be published soon.



  • Our DA Claims Committee are currently liaising with the Future at Lloyd’s Faster Payments project, with a small pilot (I think there is a minimum height requirement for RAF?) due to commence over the next few months. Details of this and other projects being handled by the committee, such as the LMA’s Delegated Claim Standards, progress on a cross market co-lead claims agreement clause and introducing DDM claim processes to brokers will be covered in our upcoming claims webinar on 7th June (invites will be coming out for this shortly)


  • We continue to liaise with LIC SA regarding the operating model and a new toolkit (because the world cannot have enough toolkits) for brokers will be published in the next week.


Sever trauma

In my quieter moments I have often pondered that one of the downfalls of technological advance was as follows.  Previously if criminals wanted easy access to my bank account all they needed to do was nick my phone and chop off my right index finger to get round the security.  Now they would need to nick my phone and chop off my head to bypass face id.  And whilst these musings would occupy a dull moment or so, I never seriously worried about the practicalities of whether this was really possible.

So, take a bow Kieran Higgins who has resolved at least half of this question by keeping his severed finger in alcohol so he can continue to access his Samsung.  Truly a triumph of the digit-al age.  It is surely a nail in the coffin of this security model.  How many pointers do they need?

Fings can only get better.  Until next time.