Had to drive back to the airport in a flipping hurricane.  How insurancey is that??

Reginald Data II

We have heard previously of Mr Data (although less of his more unhinged twin Ronnie Data).  RegData is replacing Gabriel at FCA.  Gabriel having signed for Arsenal for £27m a couple of weeks ago.

Less seriously I bring you this update from the Sages of Stratford.

You might remember from our June news that we have been preparing to move firms across to RegData from Gabriel, in stages, based on firms’ reporting requirements.

We have now published a new update announcing we’ll be moving the first firms across over the weekend of 17 and 18 October. This process does not entail any additional actions for the firms in question or others – we will email all users directly and in advance, advising them of their own moving date.

  1. We’ve explained our approach to moving firms and anything firms may need to know on this page.

 2. We’ve also prepared a range of resources to guide users in navigating RegData after their move and we have published them on a dedicated page.

 Please note any firm which has not yet been moved should continue to report via Gabriel using their existing Gabriel login details.

Every loser wins

You can probably add to the list.  But try this for starters: Chelsea v Tottenham; Piers Morgan v Alan Sugar; Steve Collins v Chris Eubank; Jeremy Corbyn v Boris Johnson.  All run ins where you would fervently hope that neither side won, such is there level of comparable obnoxiousness.  And now we have a new one with the spat between President Trump and the artist formerly known as the Duchess of Sussex.  Megs has been urging people to vote and has now bullied her hapless side kick into joining in.  He may have encouraged Americans not to vote for their President through a reference to “hate speech” – although great comeback from the Trump campaign to get a dig in about Uncle Joe’s Klan background.  Quite why Hazzer thinks that this has anything to do with him lord only knows.  Although I think it is fair to conclude that his mind is not his own.  Anyway, Donny does not like Megs.  Boo hoo.  I don’t like either of them.

Beats International

Back to Shakespeare country with the news that FCA has published a paper of its future approach to regulating international firms.  Timely in the week we published details of how so many of you are now the proud possessors of such an item.  Not yet burdened with the knowledge that someone who had read more than the introduction would be weighed down with I can naively suggest that this might add some welcome clarity around the edges of the reverse branch model.  But I am sure I stand to be corrected.

Anyway, LIIBA will be developing a response to this.  If you have any comments you would like us to include in that, please do let me know.

Biting satire

It will come as a surprise to no-one to discover that Luis Suarez’s command of Italian is a little rudimentary.  After all, when he found himself needing to explain the subtleties of his mood to Giorgio Chielini in Brazil that time, he struggled for nuance and had to let his teeth do the talking.  So, of course he was likely to seek a way to disguise this shortcoming when faced with the need to pass an Italian citizenship test to facilitate a move to Juventus.

Once we get past the rather par for the course levels of corruption in a  story involving football, large amounts of money and Italy, the real questions here surround the tremendously named University for Foreigners of Perugia.  Mainly around scope.  Is it the relatively closed shop of a University for Foreigners – of Perugia?  Open for non-Italians but no more.  Or is it, in a return to its City state history of yore, the University for Foreigners of Perugia – open for anyone born outside a five mile radius of the Priori Palace?  Whichever, Luis is not going there, he has been kicked out of Italy and had to settle for Atletico Madrid.

One must conclude that this linguistic shortcoming makes for strained communication in the Suarez household, given Mrs S is Italian?  Although presumably Luis has just learned “si Amore” as a phrase to interject into the monologues directed at him and then, every so often, he just takes a little nip out of her ear to show he cares.

Running off with the prize

Encouraging news from Ireland that the government is proposing to introduce a 15 year run off period for insurance companies and intermediaries that have passported into the country in order that they can meet their contractual obligations.  This is a considerable improvement on the previous three year period it was considering and will hopefully become a standard that others in EU27 will follow.  To try and encourage this we are working with BIPAR to refresh our knowledge of plans in the other nation states based on a revisit to our emergency legislation document from a while back.  We will keep you in touch with progress on this.

Capital Canterbury

For a long time I had been developing a Brexit contingency plan which involved the Sevenoaks district declaring UDI and applying to rejoin the EU.  Then, with the number of you and our insurer brethren who are resident in the area, we could recreate an insurance cluster within a 400 metre radius of the Vine (site of the seven, then one, now eight oaks) and we would be away.  Interesting then that Michael Gove has been working on a very similar idea with his plans to turn Kent into a independent nation with its own border.  Now the glories of what Trevor MacDonald once so memorably called the Kentryside (let us not dwell on how he prefaced that) will be only available to the burghers of London, Essex and Surrey if they apply for a visa.  Brilliant idea.  With our award winning wines, ludicrous populist politicians (that means you Farage) and often truculent haulier community we will be like our role models – France.  Eight week summer holidays and massive pensions at the age of 30 beckon.  Vive la difference!

Where u at?

Because our insurer friends have no intention of hauling their sorry a***s into London if you are not going to be there, we have agreed to gather some quick info from you following Bozzers awful faux Churchill fail the other night.  If you have the time (like about a minute) and have not already done so, we would be grateful if you could fill in this questionnaire.  Merci (I am beginning to embrace the new lingo).

Fleetwood Lack

Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.  Don’t stop, it will soon be here.

Not if you live on Niue it won’t.  It will be Sunday.


I am off to download Matt Hancock’s new app.  Like Tinder for hypochondriacs.