Nights are drawing in a bit.

FCA Team

HM Treasury has confirmed the appointment of Nikhil Rathi as the new Chief Executive of FCA.  Mr Rathi succeeds Andrew Bailey, the new Governor of the Bank of England.  Rathi was previously at the London Stock Exchange and prior to that had stints as Director of Financial Services at the Treasury and as private secretary to both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown when they were Prime Minister.  Can’t say we know him – but we will seek to remedy that.

The appointment came as something of a surprise as interim CEO Chris Woolard had been having rather a good virus up to this point.  We await news on the direction the new regime will take with interest – and will renew our lobbying for FCA to become a more proportionate regulator that has an objective to maintain the competitive position of our industry.

Reginald Data

The attached email is also from FCA (it is all about them today) and provides an update on the work it has been doing to replace its reporting system Gabriel.  The new system to be called RegData and you will be migrated to it in due course.

Dogged pursuit

Has your dog been staring at you plaintively the last few days?  Maybe twisting its head and maybe whimpering a little, with perhaps a feeble bark thrown in?  Nothing seems to satisfy the pleading, not treats, not a walk, not food, not throwing of yet another toy?  Well I can tell you what all our canine friends are saying.  They are trying to impart the following.  “Get yourself down to Lidl now, you *****!”

Remarkable set of luxurious hound accessories available.  And if I get them their own sunbed, they might actually vacate my lounger and let me on it.  Although I can see where this is inevitably headed.  Me on the dog bed, them on the human one.  Dogs 857 – Chris 0.

As we are headed back towards some form of normality, I think it is time these missives do the same.  So from today we will move to an “at least weekly” routine.  There will definitely be an edition every Thursday/Friday with extras if there is vital news in between.  Until there is a second spike…

Firms to prepare for phased move to FCA’s new data collection platform RegData