Sad about Dame Vera.  It will be Captain Tom (remember him?) next.

Test case special

Hard on the heels of the first case management conference that we reported on yesterday, FCA has published guidance for firms on how they should conduct themselves through the test case process.  The section relevant to LIIBA members is the one on communicating to clients (chapter 6 on page 13).  But all this essentially says is the usual stuff about making sure clients know whether their claim may be affected and keep them up to date on progress.  So, hopefully, you have got that covered pretty easily.


There was a brief moment last night when I felt really optimistic about the rest of Arsenal’s season.  When Granit Xhaka fell over, did his ankle and had to be carried off I was thinking two or three weeks without him and we have a chance.  Especially if Ozil has packed a strop and won’t play again.  But it proved just an illusion as the full range of David Luiz’s incompetence was put on display for all to see.

Can’t say I thought the piped crowd noise worked – but there was a disappointing lack of audible swearing with it turned off.  And a massive missed trick by the Arsenal manager.  If he had waited for the second goal to have gone in and then collapsed in a coughing fit whilst gasping “it’s no good, I think it’s come back” we could have called it off, declared it a draw and emerged from Manchester with an ill deserved point.  Sometime you have to suffer for your art-eta.

Running off

Just so you are all aware, we are doing some work on what happens to contracts where there is an EU policyholder with an EU risk that are in place over the end of the year as the Brexit transition period comes to an end.  We are conscious that for practical reasons to do with processes and in particular most standard market IT packages, it will be impractical to transfer these contracts to your new EU subsidiaries until renewal.  We will be discussing this issue with Lloyd’s and the carrier community and hope to reach a pragmatic outcome.  More news as this develops.

Matt finished?

It has not been the best of weeks for Health Secretary Matt Hancock.  Firstly he confused Marcus Rashford with Harry Potter and called him Daniel.  And now he has been caught breaking his own social distancing rules in the Mother of Parliaments.  And there was me thinking this wasn’t a request it was an instruction.  But no doubt the Prime Minister will appear later to conduct a robust defence of his Secretary of State and refuse to sack him.  Or does he only do that for those who go to Castles and not Palaces?

Do they take us for twitters?

Another instalment in our NSS series of articles that really didn’t need writing.  This revelation that people who mainly get their news from social media are far more likely to believe rona related conspiracy theories.  I mean really?  It took an academic study to establish that soc med is mainly populated by nutbars?  I can exclusively reveal is also has more than its fair share of desperate self-promoters; Laura Kuenssberg haters; and Kardashians.  Do I get to be a professor?


I am off to Diego the tortoise’s retirement party.