I have been doing laps of the garden.  I think, to the neighbours, I look a bit like a neglected polar bear in an Eastern European zoo.  But hey ho.


Business guidance


In case you have not come across it there is some pretty basic government guidance on what to do about coronavirus available.  It includes the piercing insight that you can continue to open letters in the same way as before.


There is some more sophisticated information available from Morgan Lewis.  This includes the process for Emergency Volunteer Leave if you have staff off to play doctors and nurses (and more power to them if you do).




As promised we have included any additional information on insurer contingency plans in the Insurance Business Magazine article circulated yesterday in a new version of our document (attached).  We had more than them, I should emphasise…


The Wine Society has been removed as it has given up deliveries on the basis they were non-essential!  A debate that could rage for weeks…


But it could be (and may be)


I was on a call with BIPAR colleagues this morning.  In the Spanish brokers association they have two cases of Covid-19 and are on a much more severe lockdown.  Similar stories from Italy.  I am sure those of you with colleagues in those countries are hearing the same.  Testing times.


Short and sweet today.  I am off for my one permitted proper walk of the day


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