A nation emerges from lockdown and does the only natural thing.  New Zealanders headed straight for McDonalds.  And what a touching scene, recalled by one eyewitness.  “Another group of girls, they had been waiting here since 4:30am this morning, and lockdown had been tough on them. All they wanted to do was to get some chicken nuggets.  That’s all they wanted. They were so excited for nuggets. I literally heard them screaming on the way out of the car park out of happiness.”  Stop it.  I’m welling up.


Word up


We continue discussions around the various market model wordings seeking appropriate pandemic exclusions.  Today we sought FCA’s views on how we might provide feedback on some of the unintended consequences that you are highlighting whilst not infringing competition law.  We await their considered answer.


Meanwhile, to at least add some clarity we have received the definitive list from LMA of model wordings that have been published and those in the pipeline as follows.




  • LMA5391 – Coronavirus Exclusion (PA & Travel)
  • LMA5393 – Communicable Disease Endorsement (Property D&F)
  • LMA5394 – Communicable Disease Exclusion (Property Treaty)
  • LMA5395 – Coronavirus Exclusion (Marine & Energy Liability)
  • LMA5396 – Communicable Disease Exclusion (Liability D&F)
  • JR2020-016 – Communicable Disease Endorsement (Offshore Energy)
  • JC2020-011 – Communicable Disease Exclusion (Marine Cargo)
  • JC2020-012 – Communicable Disease Exclusion and Sub-Limited Writeback (Marine Cargo)




  • Infectious and Contagious Disease Exclusion (UK Property)
  • Communicable Disease Exclusion (Casualty Treaty)
  • Infectious and Contagious Disease Exclusion (Contingency)
  • Pandemic Exclusion (PA & Travel)
  • Communicable Disease Exclusion (Political Risks)
  • Communicable Disease Exclusion (Power Generation & Construction)


Gauloping ahead


As part of an interesting BIPAR Directors Committee meeting this morning we had an update on discussions in France around a public private partnership to provide cover for future pandemics.  The plans seem to be progressing faster than similar talks here.


There are two groups discussing the idea – one led by the French insurers association (FFA) and one by the Ministry of the Economy.  Our French counterparts Planete CSCA sit on both so there is good broker representation.  The Ministry has asked for a preliminary report setting out options in June.


Current questions that are being considered are whether the pool should cover cyber risk as well; how should it be funded; and is there a need to link in with the social security and healthcare services to provide a more holistic offering.


We will continue to track progress.


Crystal poppin’ in the stress navigator


As part of the service provided by small time Miami criminal Covid Hub, Lloyd’s is publishing bulletins and notices issued by international regulators and updating Crystal accordingly.  New entries on Crystal will be flagged as well to make them easy to spot.


Which leaves only one question.  Is Crystal a system named after Carrington or Gayle?


Frankness from Frankfurt


Actually, not really, he doesn’t say that much of any interest.  But nonetheless it is worth seeing this interview with leading Greg Wallace lookalike Gabriel “Bernie” Bernardino on EIOPA’s reaction to the Covid-19 crisis.  He has, after all, been described as the most powerful Portugeezer since Ferdinand Magellan.  By me.  In my own head.  Just now.


Absolutely Ashga-batty


Let us return to our occasional series and review the virus performance thus far of Turkmenistan president Gurbanguly-guly-guly-guly-watcha Berdymukhamedov (247 if you get it across a triple word score).  Turkmenistan, despite bordering Iran – one of the worst affected countries, has no coronavirus cases.  And it actually can’t because it is illegal to utter the word.  Or to wear a face mask.  All of which meant they were free to raucously celebrate National Horse Day during which the Gurbster announced that he would be spending $680m on the welfare of horses and their breeders.  Not sure even the Queen goes that far…


This is worth watching for the bit when he falls off his horse.



I’m off to sneak a fourth pint in whilst you still can…