And it is only day three…


A brief update just to bring you some more hopefully helpful things we have uncovered.


A friend in need…


,,,is a pest.  But more helpfully a few links etc to resources that may prove useful.


Firstly a quite good collection of articles by PKF Littlejohn (insert own Friar Tuck reference here) including some detail on how you might qualify and apply for some of the assistance being offered by Government.


There is also a link through to Government’s own page on support for businesses.


And the attached email is an invitation to a webinar being run by Morgan Lewis (who provided the recent seminars we ran on EU employment law).  This is going to concentrate on the employment law consequences of coronavirus.  They have said members would be very welcome to join if it would be of interest.


More FCA


What could be better.


FCA has produced further guidance today aimed specifically at the insurance sector.  This is primarily focussed on insurers although we do get a brief mention at the end.  But the sections that concentrate on treating customers fairly around continuity of coverage etc are useful to have where members may be seeing attempts to introduce blanket Covid 19 exclusions.


Moore when we have it.