We dodged a sizeable bullet.  Raab is back in the ranks.

Putting the Friteners on

We saw last week how Britains under lockdown have gravitated towards pot noodles and cake.  But, as the attached shows, things have gone to a new level in Belgium.  Brussels has sprouted a potato mountain and its citizens are now basically under government orders to scoff chips.  Except they are not really proper chips, just them weird thin things they insist on ruining with trumped up salad cream and shellfish.  But it is, surely, a clue as to how governments can ensure stricter adherence to lockdown guidelines.  I mean, if Boris had toddled out this morning and said “Stay in! I am having a fresh Battenberg delivered to every household in the Kingdom” who would have even wanted to wander off and put the queue in B&Q?

With thanks to Stephen Bryant at Crispin speers for valiant research on this story.

Keeping it key

FCA has updated its guidance on key workers.  But the basic gist is try not to have any if you can.

Ey? Oh! Pah!

EIOPA has produced this guide for consumers to understanding their insurance coverage during the crisis.  Arguably too little, too late…

Man-agua to Man-agua combat

Back to Danny Ortega’s Nicaragua where live sport (remember that?) is still a thing.  Nicaragua has not adopted social distancing – although the crowd did seem to be sitting quite far apart.  And only three Nicaraguans have died after contracting Covid-19 – although if Mike Pence is to be believed, the virus does not like the heat.  And as anyone who has been to Managua at this time of year can tell you, it is ******* hot.

The bout was held in the Alexis Arguello  Sports Arena – a rarity in Nicaragua in that it is named after a Nicaraguan hero and not some left wing foreigner who has helped prop Daniel up like the Olof Palme Centre or the La Ronda Hugo Chavez.  Alexis had a rollercoaster life.  A three weight world champion he went onto have one of the most complete inverted commas political careers in history.  Having opposed Ortega’s FSLN in the civil war in the 90s, he “was persuaded by the Sandinista cause” by the time Daniel returned to power in 2007.  He then “won” election to the lucrative influential position of Mayor of Managua as FSLN candidate in 2008.  But then, amid rumours of a rift with the President, he was “found dead from a suspected suicide” in 2009.  Somewhere, the truth lies…


Taught and lucid as my history teacher would say.  I am off to help Dilyn look for where Larry has hidden all his toys…