Another iteration from the only missive that has been round in more circles than Colonel Tom Moore.  Good on him though.


Make America Well Again


Now I am not here as a Trump apologist despite what it might seem like.  And undoubtedly he has made mistakes in his handling of the corona crisis (like basically denying it was an issue) as have most politicians (apart from, in his own mind, Sir Keir Starmer – a man who can never travel to Iran for reasons that cannot be printed here).  But this table does highlight one rather under reported issue – that there are quite a lot of Americans.  Proportionally around five times as many Italians and Spaniards as Americans have died after contracting the virus.  Although I accept you could argue that US may be behind those two countries in terms of hitting its peak.  But it was data that I found quite interesting and it has been a relatively slow day for Covid-19 stuff.


You will see the table has an asterisk next to China but doesn’t specify what this signifies.  Although presumably they meant to include the line “* Yeah, but no-one believes you” somewhere.


FOS-bury flop


As you are hopefully aware (because we forwarded it to this very same distribution list this morning and many of you will have been sent it directly), FCA has issued a dear CEO letter today on the subject of BI cover for SMEs.  It confirms that FCA will not expect insurers to pay claims where no cover is in place.  But it also makes clear that insurers should avoid lengthy litigation for resolving grey areas of coverage.  And it anticipates further guidance from Financial Ombudsman Service that may pave the way for “lead cases” to provide clarity.




At some stage we will exit lock down and live sport will resume.  At which point we will return to speculation as to whether Gypsy King Tyson Fury will next defend his title in a rematch with Deontay Wilder or in a unification bout with Anthony Joshua.  Unfortunately though for all promoters concerned these fights have been superseded in the interim by the clash the whole world wants to see “Coughin’ Major” Charles Ingram against Chris “Tiswas” Tarrant.   Probably at increasingly heavyweight given most people’s consumption of food and alcohol whilst confined to home.  Offers as to why Mrs Tarrant’s love of rabbits is at all relevant to this welcome at the usual address.



Which will have to do today.  I am off to hide my disappointment that everybody’s least favourite Beatle Paul McCartney being quotes as saying “It’s medieval eating bats” is a criticism of the practice of eating bats and not a rare breed of bat of which I was previously unaware.  A demain.