I am sure many of you would have had a similar experience.  Approaching the end of yet another video conference, an alert pops up that I have an email.  I flick to my inbox and see the two most glorious words in the English language – “Meeting Cancellation”.  I leap up, punch the air and roar like Leo the MGM lion.  Thoughts rush through my head as to how I might spend the blessed reclaimed hour.  I could write this.  I could actually read one or two of the myriad of documents I am supposed to be commenting on.  I might manage a spot of lunch.  I could even go outside!  At that moment the screen flashed again.  What was this?  “Meeting invitation”.  No!  I peer at the screen.  I read: “Sorry, we had to reissue the invitation because Treasury staff are not permitted to use Zoom.  Please find below details of the Skype call”.  Same hour.  No longer a blissful interlude in my endless self-streaming but once again filled with the prospect of discussing draft Swiss insurance legislation.  It was like having a goal ruled out by VAR.  In the last minute.  Of a Champions League final.  Cruel.


The white rosed assistant – T’PA


LMA has issued the attached email with some key messages for TPAs.  Whilst this comes from LMA, LIIBA has played its part in the positive outcomes through the excellent work of our own DA committees (FC and DACC).  Special thanks to Sarah Peppiatt, Ben Kelly and Iain Lebbell.




Also attached the latest market services data – which proves that thus far LIMOSS has been drawing from an unimaginative, if reassuring, colour palette.


A market response


It is undeniably true that, if were not for the sterling efforts of banks and premiership footballers, insurance would be receiving a much worse press than we have been for our response to the coronavirus crisis.  Thus far, I suspect, to the wider public, the fact that we only seem to be prepared to compensate Wimbledon for a loss in strawberries and cream earnings does not mark us out as persons of the people.  Thankfully LIIBA is engaged in multiple discussions with Lloyd’s, the carrier associations, government and regulators about how we might respond as a market and seek to change this narrative.  And, even more thankfully, there are signs that these may be ceasing to be theoretical discussions and become some plan for action.  Early days, and some of the ideas are more fanciful than others, but I wanted to reassure you that this is something the insurance community is seeking to address.  More news as it develops.


Leave it out


We are aware that there are a number of issues emerging where insurers are seeking to introduce model wordings to exclude covid-19 losses from existing and new policies.  Certainly we have seen examples of unintended consequences that will need to be resolved if the client is not to suffer detriment.  We have agreed with LMA and IUA that we will create a joint forum to discuss some of these and seek to find a way for the market to resolve any issues created.  If you do have feedback you would like to include in this process, please email enquiries@liiba.co.uk


What a Portugueser


Welcome news that the Portuguese tax authority has announced a deferral to the new stamp duty reporting requirements until 1 January 2021.  We were aware that many of you were needing to make systems changes to comply with this.  Systems changes that you no doubt do not have the time to pursue at the moment.  So the extension is timely.



Just one maundy message to go before Easter.  I am sure you all have such extravagant plans…


20200408 – LIMOSS Pandemic update v1